Packing International Student Insurance Along with Books

Students packing for their studies abroad are probably busy finishing off their shopping?Çömaking sure they have all they need for a familiar life when studying. One thing to definitely think about is foreign student health insurance. While most colleges offer some student insurance, colleges also allow students to purchase international student health insurance from other sources, provided they comply with certain basic coverage requirements.

When a student falls ill (in a non-emergency situation), the first stop should be the student medical center. Care here is usually at a subsidized price, and many insurance plans require that the problem first be looked at there. If further treatment is required outside the center, the medical staff usually refer the student to another facility.

In case the student health center is not an option, the student must immediately report to the nearest medical facility. It might not always be possible to inform the insurance company of the admission. However, most student insurance plans require that the patient let the company know of the hospitalization within 24 or 48 hours.

Also, as with any purchase, it is important to read the plan document in full before signing on. If any questions persist, it is best to clear doubts before purchasing the international student insurance plan, or immediately after. Plans might also offer an option of cancellation without much penalty.