Don?ÇÖt Overlook Travel Insurance for Visitors

Summer’s the perfect time for travel, and U.S. residents may play host to friends and family from other countries as well. Most travelers to the U.S. may purchase visitors insurance from their home country for coverage in the United States. However, sometimes, the U.S. trip might also contain a detour to another country. It is important to ensure coverage for those trips as well.

Let’s say Mrs. Gupta, who purchased health insurance for tourists in India, has arrived on a 3-month trip to the U.S., where her son lives. She has also planned a trip to Canada, where her brother lives. It is important that Mrs. Gupta check for coverage in Canada. Else, she will still be uninsured for part of her trip, putting her and her son at risk for medical expenses.

A way around this is to purchase tourist insurance that covers all countries, including the home country. This way, the plan holder need not worry about medical expenses at every step of the travel.

Sometimes, a trip to the home country is called for, and the plan holder has to make a quick trip back home, for which he/she may be uninsured. It is best to purchase visitors insurance that offers coverage for incidental trips to the home country as well.