Make Way for Specialized Evacuation Insurance

Sometimes, you are adequately covered through medical insurance and all you want is additional coverage for that extra option that is not available to you. Affordable specialized plans such as medical evacuation insurance plans help you in such cases. They offer a focused plan that provides you with that extra benefit that your regular plan does not provide.

Let’s say you are an expatriate living in Argentina. The Argentinian branch of your company has purchased health insurance for you. However, you feel that having evacuation insurance will help you in case of medical emergencies that your city of residence may not have the capacity to handle.

There are two types of evacuation insurance to handle medical evacuation. One plan offers evacuation to the nearest facility that is able to adequately manage your condition. 

The other type is one that offers evacuation to the hospital of choice, even if it is in the home country. Some of the Travel Guard plans such as Travel Assist offer this type of plan. This type of plan is more expensive. Most evacuation insurance plans also offer repatriation of remains benefits.