Steady Insurance Coverage for Exchange Programs

With increased porosity between international borders, groups of people traveling from one country to another for cultural exchange are no rarity anymore. Those going abroad to study as part of an exchange program secure their health by purchasing the J1 visa health insurance, and those who travel abroad for cultural exchange purchase insurance for a shorter duration.

The Patriot Group Exchange Insurance plan offers a flexible insurance for participants and organizers of exchange programs. There are three flexible plans, depending on the coverage required. The long-term annual plan offers coverage for a year, ideal for exchange students, the Standard plan, and the Basic plan.

The Standard and Basic plans are short-term plans, and coverage can be purchased in one-month increments. Coverage for all the plans include inpatient and outpatient care including emergency medical services, dental coverage for accidents, AD&D benefits, and repatriation of remains benefits.

After the applicable deductible, the plan holders are covered for 100% up to the maximum benefit for that condition, or the plan maximum. Applicants can also opt for coverage for adventurous sports and chaperone replacement. When traveling abroad even for short periods, it is important to remember health insurance, to avoid the fallout of falling ill when abroad.