Greening Up Your Travel Insurance

A new trend that is sweeping the international travel industry is green insurance. What it means is a small addition to the price of the travel insurance policy. That money will be used to offset the carbon footprint of your travel. The money usually goes to an organization or people who are working toward reducing carbon emissions.

Green travel insurance does not insure anything in the real sense of the term. It is a fixed cost added to the cost of your travel insurance policy. Several companies offer green insurance options, but its actual efficacy and logic are questioned by critics.

Critics of the concept say that green international travel insurance will be counter-productive for the travel industry, as more and more travelers will come to view international travel as insensitive to the environment. Supporters of the concept say that international travel is part of today’s world, and the only way to offset its effects is to support initiatives that do the exact opposite.

Regardless of whether a traveler purchases the green component of international travel insurance, what is beyond debate is the necessity of insuring your international travel adequately, by purchasing appropriate international travel medical insurance.