Plan Multiple Trips, Buy Single Insurance Plan

Whether you’re someone who travels abroad a lot due to business, or just wanderlust, purchasing a travel insurance policy for each of your trips may be very cumbersome. In such a situation, consider purchasing annual travel insurance, also called annual multi-trip insurance.

This multi-trip insurance plan is usually valid for a fixed number of days per year, and the insured is covered when traveling as long as the maximum number of days have not been reached. For example, if you take multi-trip travel insurance for 90 days, the maximum number of days you are covered abroad is 90 days.

Most multi-trip insurance plans provide medical, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, and repatriation of remains benefits. Additional special benefits provided may include baggage loss, hotel overbooking, rental car collision, and pet care in case of delay.

Some multi-trip travel insurance plans also enable you to add select benefits for an extra premium. Terms and conditions vary by the particular annual travel insurance plan, so be sure to ensure the limits and other conditions of coverage before signing on. Also, compare prices online to get the best deal that is right for you.