Government-run health care concerns

As major overhauling of health reforms is going on, we take a look at the scenario of health care run by the government. For generations, European government has taken good care not only of citizens but also immigrants. Emergency care and free treatment in case of medical emergencies can be availed both by citizens and also non-residents. Some of the best hospitals have been found in Europe and the country has been immensely successful in fighting widespread problems like heart disease and obesity.

But the European system has its own pitfalls. The public health care systems are used like a punching bag by opposition parties. Patients do suffer and die due to efficiency issues. The treatments are very expensive and the prices have skyrocketed in the recent past.

President Barack Obama does not want to replace private insurance plans but wants to run a public health care system in competition with these private policies. However, there are concerns of too much government interventions and bureaucracies in adopting new technologies and latest advancements in medical fields as the acceptance and implementation may not be as fast as required. Critics also state that there would be a lot of political influence more than scientific integration.