Expensive living at old age for challenged individuals

One cannot really imagine the living costs required by a challenged person to survive in an expensive place like Los Angels. It can cost much more than the annual income of an average individual if the individual is in put under in-home care services.

In addition, the expenses incurred for long-term care along with other basic needs like accommodation and food would result in higher cost which may not be easily affordable by a normal working class family.

Since the average life span of an individual has increased, any country’s most vulnerable citizens are its seniors especially if they are challenged with the increase in cost of day-to-day living. Almost 973,000 senior Californians live alone but more than 50% are not able to meet even their basic expenses.

The cost of senior women who are challenged are much more than that of men. Statistics also show that senior women require more in-house assistance than men at their old age especially if they are challenged.

Added to this shocking statistics, some of the seniors would no more be supported by Medi-care in order to reduce the expense of state budget. This is definitely not a good news for the older people who are already struggling heavily to cope up with the required basic cost of living.