Flight Insurance Proves Valuable During Extreme Turbulence

Have you considered buying a flight insurance policy, but figured the odds of being in a plane crash were so remote that you did not need it? As passengers on a recent flight from Washington D.C. found out, there is more than one way for injuries to occur on a flight, which means there is more than one reason to buy flight insurance.

The flight in question was a United Airlines flight headed for Los Angeles. Around the halfway point of the flight, severe weather lead to a bout with some rather extreme turbulence, causing injuries to passengers who were moving about the plane and others who were not buckled in.

In all, 21 passengers suffered injuries from the incident. And research shows that this is no isolated incident. Many other passengers on other flights have also fell victim to injuries caused by turbulence, and the results have been as serious as paralysis.

Clearly turbulence can lead to much bigger health problems than a temporary upset stomach. Be careful on any flight you are on, stay buckled in unless you must use the restroom or must stretch your legs on an extremely long international flight, and never leave home without flight insurance.