Why Do I Need International Travel Insurance

I have a great insurance policy that my work provides for me. It covers everything I could possibly need. I have low co-insurance payments at the doctor, my family can visit the emergency room any time they need, and prescriptions are cheap under this plan. Why would I need to buy international travel insurance for my family vacation? Besides, I am only going to be gone for a couple of weeks.

Have you had that conversation with yourself before? Many people take this approach, and unfortunately it is a rather uninformed one. First off, not all insurance policies cover incidents that occurinternationally. In fact, most do not. So if you or a family member becomes sick or injured while you are traveling abroad, that great insurance policy that works so well domestically will essentially be useless.

Second, do not ever assume that just because your trip is of a short duration that nothing bad can happen to you. It only takes a moment for an injury to occur. From car accidents to catching a virus, injury and illness can attack when you least expect them to. So in reality, your chances of landing in the hospital are every bit as good abroad as they are at home.

International travel insurance is quite inexpensive, especially if you do the math and compare it to what you would pay for medical care without insurance. A simple doctor’s visit could cost you hundreds of dollars, and a more serious problem requiring surgery or an extended hospital stay will cost thousands. Don’t take chances with your family’s health or finances; make the smart, secure choice and invest in an insurance plan for your next vacation.