Different Flavors of Health Insurance Deductibles

Whether your plan be visitor medical insurance, travel medical insurance, or short term health insurance, one aspect of the insurance plan that you must be aware of is the deductible. It is the amount that you pay the healthcare provider, before the health insurance company starts paying benefits.

Deductibles, like most aspects to do with insurance, come in many shapes and sizes. Let’s say you purchase a travel insurance plan. If you fall ill and then get treatment, you are required to pay the requisite deductible. What happens if you have an unrelated medical issue a few days later, while still traveling? Will you have to pay the deducible once again?

The answer depends on the kind of deductible that your plan provides. If your plan features a per incident deductible, you must pay the deductible each time you have a medical problem. Follow-up visits are included as a single incident. Some travel plans such as Inbound USA feature a per incident deductible.

Other types of deductibles include the per policy deductible and the annual deductible. Some plans may feature a per visit deductible, which acts pretty much like a co-pay, and you have to pay he deductible every time you make a visit to the doctor. Obviously, the per policy period deductible is most advantageous for a plan holder, but consequently, it is usually more expensive. Check the details with your insurance company before proceeding.