Why Do U.S. Visitors Need Insurance?

One of the most often-asked questions by visitors to the United States is: Why do I even need visitor health insurance, if the plan will no cover pre-existing conditions? The only coverage I really need is for my hypertension, isn’t it?

Actually, coverage is needed for more than just pre-existing conditions. As a matter of fact, pre-existing conditions are probably better managed by the plan holder, since they have been detected. It is the sudden illnesses and injuries that really need to be covered.

Consider a family whose parents are visiting the U.S. from India. Their trip to the U.S. likely involves many road trips. Accidents on highways can happen to anyone, anywhere, even when driving sensibly. Also, if the trip comprises activities and visits, little problems like fractures could occur.

These are all covered by visitor medical insurance, and do not depend on pre-existing conditions. It is also likely that all the traveling and eating out puts a strain on the digestive system, resulting in gastric illnesses or infections. These are also covered, and can cost quite a lot of money. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and purchasing visitor health insurance is one of the ways to ensure peace of mind during travel.