Consumer approach to health insurance – A critical view point

There is a common criticism about insurance companies that they do not provide coverage for individuals with serious illnesses or health disorders which require huge expenses to undergo medical treatment.

However, the consumer approach to availing health insurance coverage also needs to be looked at critically. Most of the consumers think that paying insurance premiums is a waste of money and also it is a way in which insurance agents try and sell policies for their own benefit rather than the benefit of the customers. Many individuals think that their health situation is completely normal and refrain from going for health check-ups and also regular routine physical examinations assuming that they would mostly get normal results.

Hence, most of the consumers approach the doctors or the insurance companies only when the situation turns critical or serious. The preventive measures that are recommended for them to diagnose any health disorder at an early stage are rarely carried out.

Hence, even with the overhaul efforts taken by the US government, consumer protection can be effective only when they are also cooperative in buying an affordable health insurance plan early in their life to secure themselves from huge medical expenses and also avail best coverage benefits from the insurance companies.