Expansion of health insurance program for children

The US government has signed a legislation to expand the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). SCHIP makes it eligible for children from low-income strata families to consult a doctor or seek medical help when they are sick. This initiative has included providing coverage to about 11 million children as compared to around 7 million before.

SCHIP is expected to make a huge difference to the younger generation and ensure that their health situation is taken care at an early stage so that their fitness would increase in the long run when they become older. This would also ensure that the expenses required for health care during their older days may decrease and hence be beneficial to increase the health care corpus in the long run and decrease the expenses required to treat disorders that were not taken care of at the early stage itself.

SCHIP is expected to become the lifeline for nurturing a healthy country in the long run. This initiative has been hugely welcomed especially by non-profit organization who works for child care and welfare. The approach to this program would take care of preventive measures of attacking health disorders rather than curing diseases after they occur.