Care for Yourself During Visits with Insurance

When you have dear ones visiting the United States or Canada, it is important that they apply for a visitor???s medical insurance policy. There are many policies with different benefits and premiums and one should explore all of them before deciding on the policy most suited to your visitor.

One such policy is the Visitors Care policy provided by IMG. It provides coverage to anyone visiting the United States or Canada from any other country. The period of coverage is one year and there are three benefit maximums -$25,000, $50,000 and $100,000. There is a choice of deductibles: $50 or $100, applied per period of coverage.

The plan covers the usual benefits of a visitors??? policy: hospitalization, intensive care, physician visits, diagnostics, prescription drugs, etc. There is no coinsurance, meaning that the insurance provider will bear 100% of the usual, customary and reasonable expenses up to the insured limit. Some of the exclusions listed are pre-existing conditions, dental treatments, and hazardous sports.

Even those above 65 years of age can purchase this policy. Additional benefits in the policy are emergency evacuation and return of mortal remains. Special coverage listed include: home country coverage and common carrier accidental death. The policy can be renewed one year at a time for up to two years with a charge of $5 per renewal. With the insurance seat belts firmly secured, its time to enjoy the ride now!