Insurance Helps Ride the High Wave with Confidence

It is imperative for people who indulge in hazardous sports to be well informed about travel insurance. Picture this scenario: you are watching the movie ‘2012’ with every scene generating horror at the pit of your stomach, and the guy next to you shouts, ‘Wow! every time he sees a tsunami wave. Don’t take him to task for his lack of empathy’he is an avid surfer and waves have that effect on him!

Surfing is one adventure sport that takes the enthusiast to all the remote corners of the world. Be it Indonesia, Australia or Peru, a surfer wants to surf the best waves. Before undertaking that adventure, the surfer would do well to take a good international travel insurance policy.

First, check whether the plan covers surfing (or the appropriate adventure sport) or whether the applicant needs to purchase a separate ‘hazardous sports’ rider. The plan should include emergency medical evacuation benefits, which come into effect in case of accidents.

Some emergencies may require the services of a helicopter or special airline seats with a medical attendant. If the person is not insured, these services may burn a deep hole in his pocket. If the person already has a travel insurance, additional cover providing medical evacuation may be taken. And by the way, you can tell the guy seated next to you,you can’t surf a tsunami!