Can a Non-US Citizen get Health Insurance in the US? 

can-a Non-US-citizen-get-health-insurance-in-the-US

If you are a non-US citizen and coming to the US as a visitor, you can get a health insurance policy to cover you during the stay. 

When foreigners come to the US for vacation, work, study, and more, they must purchase an insurance policy for their financial security, even if they have a plan to cover them in their home countries. In addition, as they will not fall under the federal Medicare and the Medicaid program, or the plans under Obamacare, they need a robust medical plan to protect them from unplanned medical emergencies or hospitalizations. 

Do foreigners need an insurance policy? 

Here, health care and medical treatment are exorbitantly priced. Honestly, not everyone can afford it, especially when one arrives in this country as a foreigner. Besides, only a fraction of the resident population receives public healthcare, making others choose health care insurance plans in America. Retired senior adults who are US citizens or 5 years after having a Green Card can receive the federal Medicare program, and the poorest lower-income citizens can opt for the Medicaid program. 

Now, when it comes to foreigners, they may come to the US for various reasons like visiting relatives and friends, visiting the US to sightsee, attending colleges/universities, or working in the US. The sponsorship organization, college/universities, or the employer can offer medical coverage if the reason is for work or study. This may or may not be enough for some critical situations like transferring to a nearby hospital from a remote location or an emergency reunion. Therefore, purchasing an insurance plan is always recommended.  

Without insurance coverage, you need to have enough cash for all the treatments and services you will receive during a medical emergency, which can eventually put you in financial debt. 

How much coverage is needed for a non-US citizen? 

In the US, healthcare costs vary because not all will get the same sickness and undergo the same procedure. Surgeries can cost you some thousands, whereas a visit to a doctor can cost you less. For example, if there is an urgent need for surgery, it will cost you more than getting treated for a mild fever. However, medical bills are going to be expensive. This is where your policy can save you financially! 

It is difficult to determine how much coverage is needed. However, you can consider some of the factors, such as how long your stay in the US is, what medical condition you have, your age, the nature of your visit, what optional coverage you need, do you want to cover extreme sports, and more.  

Buying an insurance plan is entirely one’s choice- it depends on the risk one is willing to take during their stay. For instance, getting a $ 1 million evacuation and repatriation plan is always suggested, but it is not mandatory to purchase one. However, in the event of an injury/illness, you must be ready to pay for them. Policy maximums can start from $50,000 to $5 million or more depending on age. 

The cost of health insurance varies greatly. The comprehensive plans are more expensive than the limited plans. Why? It is because the comprehensive plans offer greater protection and coverage than the limited benefit ones. Plus, they do not come with predefined limits. You will find the pre-defined limits in fixed or limited benefit plans. You can find diverse options to choose from. 

The premium depends on four factors – traveler’s age, trip duration, policy maximum, and deductible. Sometimes, members can choose rider options that can increase their premiums. In short, the higher the coverage you opt for, the higher your premium will be. 

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Are non-US citizens eligible for Obamacare? 

President Barack Obama launched Obamacare, also referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a decade back. The sole purpose of this act is to ensure that every US citizen and resident gets access to quality health care at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, non-US citizens and foreign nationals are not eligible for Obamacare as they are not US residents and do not file a tax return in the US.  However, if the visitors have non-immigrant status, including T-visas, U-visas, student visas, and working visas (H1, H-2A, H-2B) can apply for ACA status. has comprehensive and limited benefit plans for non-US citizens going to the US. Do you need the right plan to cover you during your stay? Contact us and get our help.