Importance of health insurance for International Students in the US 

Studying in the US can be rewarding- from gaining knowledge to meeting new friends and experiencing a new culture. Sometimes, international students get the opportunities to travel and explore new foreign lands and take part in various extreme activities. Nevertheless, staying in the US also brings some challenges like an expensive lifestyle, a different diet, living alone, and unexpected medical expenses, to name a few. 

Sudden injury or illness or serious accidents can add financial challenges to your life. As US healthcare and treatment are unbelievably expensive, international students may find it difficult to cope without health insurance coverage. Most of us agree that health insurance is a necessity today, especially if you are living abroad for an extended period. However, a standard health insurance plan from your home country is not going to support you in a foreign land, which is why buying adequate international health insurance is important. 

What is the importance of international health insurance? 

Health insurance plans are needed for two reasons- 1) to avoid unnecessary financial challenges that crop up from unanticipated medical expenditure, and 2) to get access to proper medical care whenever necessary, especially when you are in an unfamiliar land. As per your purchase plan, it pays most of the eligible expenses, giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on your education and dreams. 

Your insurance plan covers you for doctor fees, hospital charges, prescriptions, and other medical tests that are needed when you fall sick or injured. You must pay a premium for the plan you buy, and the insurance company will take care of the rest of the expenses as mentioned in the plan. The premium is affordable for international students, and You get a wide variety of options to choose from according to your stay and budget.  

Buying a plan from a reputable US insurance company also becomes essential because these plans are widely accepted and recognized by clinics and hospitals. Sometimes, doctors and hospitals ask for evidence of insurance so that they can be sure that you are able to pay for the treatment. In short, your health insurance will provide you financial protection when you are in a new land.  

Whether you are taking part in a training program or pursuing a course in the US, your purchased insurance policy leaves you stress-free. It takes care of the unplanned finances while you can concentrate on your goal. Generally, student health insurance plans have deductibles that they need to pay first. This amount is paid from your pocket, but once the deductible is met, the insurance company pays the rest up to the policy maximum as per the coverage you have selected.  

Some policies have optional add-ons, such as emergency reunion, hazardous activities, interscholastic sports, personal liability, and more. You need to pay an extra premium if you select any add-ons. Some plans offer travel-related benefits as well like lost baggage and personal belongings, trip delays and interruption, etc. All these coverages are helpful only if it suits your needs. 

How can international students in the US get insurance plans? 

Follow these steps mentioned below:  

Step 1: Check if your school/university/college in the US implements a mandatory health insurance plan. If they do, check to see if the health insurance is included as part of the tuition fee, or if you need to pay for the health insurance additionally. Once you get the details you can go ahead with the payments. 

Step 2: Check if the university allows you to buy a health insurance plan with an optional waiver instead of the mandatory university insurance. Review the requirements and reach out to an insurance company to buy a policy that meets the college requirements.  If the university does not have any insurance plan, contacting a reputable insurance company is suggested. 

Step 3: Check for companies offering health insurance for international students in the US like Make sure to provide us with the waiver form and your requirements. If you are bringing your dependents, you can buy a plan where you can include them. Compare the plans and sign up for the one that suits your budget. 

How can lack of insurance affect students’ lives? 

Lack of insurance coverage can affect lives- most importantly, mental peace and academics. In the event of expensive medical bills, students may not be able to afford to continue their education. Huge medical bills can financially cripple the students, forcing them to take some drastic steps. Therefore, health insurance coverage is of utmost importance when you land in a foreign country and plan to stay for a few months or years. 

For any concern or query, contact us. We will help you understand the purchasing process.