Avoid US Diversity Visa Scams

The US Diversity Visa Lottery Program, also commonly known as the ‘Green Card Lottery’ is run every year by the US Department of State. This program lets people from eligible countries enter into a lottery for a green card – the chance to be a lawful permanent resident. If their name is picked, they can apply for permanent residency. The Diversity Visa Lottery Program is an attractive prospect for thousands of people who dream of living and working in the US but dishonest people can try to take advantage of applicants.

The US Department of State reminds potential applicants that there is only one way to enter the lottery, and that is through the dedicated State Department website. You can only enter once a year and the lottery is usually only open for a month in the fall period. Through this website you enter your information and submit photos of yourself. The process is free.

Once you have entered the lottery online you get a confirmation number that you will need to keep safe in order to check your status. You can find out the status of your application on the same website. Keep in mind that the State Department will not send you a letter or email you with your results – if you get such an email or letter, it will be a scam. You will never be asked for money in an email from the State Department. If your entry is picked there is a fee to pay but you pay this directly to the US embassy or consulate, in person. Never send money to anyone

There is no way of increasing your chances of winning as the winners are picked at random by the computer. So if someone emails you promising you will be picked, or sending you advice about how to win, it is a scam. You should not pay anyone money to help you enter because the process is simple and secure.