Controlling the Weather: How to Travel in Hurricane Season

controlling the weather how to travel in hurricane season

Snow, ice and sleet may be freezing memories by now but with the hurricane season approaching travelers face new travel chaos. Remember stacks of cancelled flights, problems reaching airports and connecting flights disrupted due to winter weather? The same issues affect travelers in hurricane season, according to recent hurricane season news. How can you travel with less stress when the weather is against you? Is there anything you can do to protect your travel investments in the face of a hurricane?

Travel wisely in hurricane season by making sure you pack the most important piece of protective kit you can find – travel insurance. If you are affected by severe weather events then a travel insurance policy with trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits can save your money. What happens if a hurricane or tropical storm grounds flights? You can’t travel regardless and cancellation could cost you money. Be prepared with trip cancellation coverage.

There are other options for reclaiming money spent on travel in the event of bad weather. For example, resorts and hotels may reimburse you if they cannot accommodate you due to storms. But your resort package won’t give you anything if you have to wait at the airport for normal service to be resumed or if your vacation is delayed.

Of course you can’t control the weather. It’s not in travelers’ power to be able to predict and manage weather events like hurricanes. But travelers can plan ahead. Remember that you can’t wait and buy trip cancellation insurance when the hurricane is beating down your door. You need to buy the package before the hurricane has been named. The point of insurance isn’t to give you money when something is already happening, but to protect against the possibility of the event occurring. All this means getting your insurance in order as soon as you book your trip, to make sure bad weather isn’t an unexpected factor in your travel plans.