Annual Travel Insurance Plans for Everyone

annual travel insurance plans for everyone

Whether you are a business traveler who frequently has to fly to other countries for meetings or conferences, or you take a lot of trips throughout the year for pleasure, it can be annoying to organize travel insurance each time you travel. The more trips you make, the more often you must fill out a form or make a phone call. Sometimes you may forget, leaving you at risk of traveling uninsured. There is an easier way to arrange travel insurance when you are a frequent flier – annual travel insurance plans.

Annual travel insurance plans offer a package of international health insurance to use throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you travel two times or 20 times, your trips will be covered under the same plan. There are many benefits of taking out an annual travel insurance plan but the main one is peace of mind – once you have bought the plan you can forget about shopping for coverage and know you are covered whenever you vacation or take a business trip.

There are different plans available with different features. For example, you can choose the maximum trip length for any single trip, which can be from 70 days to up to 90 days. Other choices include the level of flight accident cover, and whether the plan includes trip cancellation cover.

Popular policy features include emergency medical evacuation cover, lost baggage, stolen baggage and baggage delay, travel documentation and credit card protection, and rental car damage cover. Plans also include cover for emergency medical treatment and healthcare arising out of unforeseen illnesses or injury. Once you have an annual insurance plan it doesn’t matter how many times you travel abroad, you will still be covered so long as each individual trip doesn’t exceed the maximum trip length as specified on the policy.

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