Travel Insurance Questions to Ask

travel insurance questions to ask

Thankfully there is a lot of choice available in travel insurance right now because it helps consumers get a great deal on travel protection. But a great deal doesn’t only mean the cheapest deal you can find. Sometimes cheap travel insurance plans are not the best option. Whenever you travel you need to make sure you are fully covered in terms of how long you will be away, which countries you visit, which activities you take part in, and whether you have any special needs. There are some questions to ask before you can be sure that the travel insurance package you buy really is a great deal for you.

What is included and what is excluded? The answer to this key question will let you know if the policy is right for you. For example, do you need trip cancellation coverage, and is it included? Is comprehensive medical coverage included and what is the value of the medical cover? Do you need medical evacuation cover? If you need your baggage protected you need to check for cover against the theft or loss of personal belongings.

Are your special circumstances covered? For example, if you have a pre-existing medical condition you need to check that your health insurance policy covers this otherwise you will be left with the bills if you fall ill. If you are taking part in sports activities are your injuries covered, or excluded? Are all the countries you are traveling to covered in the same package?

How much does the policy cost, and how do I file a claim? Find out the exact premium but also make sure that the claim procedure is simple and straightforward. Look for a helpline or online information that makes it easy to get in touch with the insurer should you need to.