Affordable health insurance coverage ??? Popular options

Surveys and research reports reveal a startling number of uninsured Americans who find it difficult to protect themselves and their families under US health insurance coverage during the economic crisis. Probably they are unaware of the different options of health insurance coverage.

The following are a few beneficial options to consider

  • Medicare US citizens above 65 years of age as well as individuals who are entitled for social security disability benefits are automatically eligible.
  • Medicaid generally offered to low-income strata who qualify for this program
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) popular among people who are in job transitions or waiting for their employer’s insurance benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Employees suffering from any work related injury can undergo treatment under this scheme
  • High Deductible health insurance policies. These plans can be chosen to lower your premiums
  • Short Term Health Insurance plans for individuals looking at a beneficial health insurance coverage for a short duration
  • Group Insurance plans where health care services are covered at subsidized rates
  • State High Risk Health Insurance Pool a great option for people with pre-existing conditions especially if they are refused coverage by insurance provider