Health insurance coverage for retirees

Health insurance coverage for retirees is one of the primary issues which challenge the senior citizens due to skyrocketing premiums. In addition, insurance providers reject coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

This is one primary reason why individuals are advised to apply for health insurance coverage during their young age when they are healthy. This would ensure that you pay lesser premiums at a later date.In case you are above 50 and you are applying for health insurance plan only now, it is a good idea to separate the rest of the family members and apply for an individual insurance policy for yourself.

You can apply for a family insurance policy in the name of your spouse who may be relatively younger to you. This would save a lot on your premiums as the calculation is mainly based on the age of the oldest insured member.

Senior citizens over 65 years old are automatically eligible for coverage under Medicare. In case the insurance providers reject coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions, you can seek for coverage under state risk pools.