Signing on to International Student Insurance

International student health insurance is a much-debated topic. While it is important to be insured against the fallout of illnesses for a student, it is also the time for scrimping, and students are loath to spend money on health insurance, which they might see as an unnecessary expense. This is especially true of international students, whose finances suddenly seem to shrink due to the vagaries of currency exchange.

Add to this the confusion and adjustment issues in a new country, and it is indeed a stressful time for the international student. Most of them just sign up for the college-sponsored international student insurance plan without examining other options. That is unfortunate, as they might have saved some dollars if they had waited and looked elsewhere.

Before signing on to a health insurance plan, students can check for any requirements that the college has for outside health insurance. After taking a look at the details of the plan offered by the school/college, a student can always check online for plans that satisfy the criteria. When time and clarity are of the essence, students can use comparison sites to examine the pros and cons of each student health insurance plan offered.

Once a student decides to purchase a plan, some schools require the insurer to fax them the details of the student’s insurance. After all formalities are complete, the student can enjoy the protection of the international student health insurance, and focus on the task at hand: studying!