Saving More with Green Travel

Green travel is the new buzzword these days and several destinations are beginning to realize the value in preserving the environment along with providing an awesome travel experience. Does this really affect the costs of international travel, which includes travel insurance policies, accommodation, and airfare?

The general idea is that having an eco-friendly holiday means minimal damage to the environment, but maximum damage to the purse! This is fast becoming false, as the volume of eco-friendly tourism increases. The past decade has seen a nine-fold increase in eco-tourism. Airfare, probably the largest chunk of your travel budget, will still need to be borne as a eco-unfriendly expense!

In a great paradox of our times, booking your accommodation at a resort that advertises itself as being ‘eco-friendly’ may oftentimes be more expensive than booking rooms at a genuinely rustic place. Finding such a place is easier said than done, but bed and breakfasts and local establishments are more likely to be eco-friendly, given that they have a direct stake in the local ecology.

While travel medical insurance is rarely affected by your decision to take a ‘green holiday’ remember that you will still need to adhere to basic precautions such as washing your hands with soap, showering in hot water if the weather calls for it, and drinking bottled or boiled water. So go ahead, have yourself a green holiday and turn others green with envy!