Longer Lines for Short Term Insurance

In a sign of the times, companies are expanding their short term health insurance coverage. Several companies have recently announced the extension of their short term health insurance plans to other states where they were not present earlier. This indicates a trend toward short term coverage for people who are out of a job, and so, do not have long-term health insurance.

Trends also indicate that more people are moving from being uninsured to purchasing short term health insurance. While this is a healthy trend, it is best to purchase short term insurance as soon as earlier coverage ends. Having no gaps in insurance can yield several benefits.

For starters, it is never a wise idea to remain uninsured in a country such as the United States. Healthcare costs are so high that even a small misstep can prove disastrous to the pocket. Also, group plans that you will be enrolled in the future are likely to consider short term insurance plans from reputed companies as creditable coverage.

This means that while short term health insurance does not typically cover pre-existing conditions, the period will count toward the look-back period when you do get into a long term plan with better benefits. All told, the wisdom in short term health insurance seems to be catching on!