How to get health insurance for parents visiting the US? 

How to get health insurance for parents visiting the US

Are you planning to invite your parents to the US? Are you looking for a parents’ health insurance policy? If yes, you can find all the information in this blog. 

The US is not a place where visitors can visit without insurance. It is not mandated by law to carry an insurance policy before entering the country, but it is always suggested to buy one comprehensive plan. The reason is the high medical costs that have nearly become impossible to bear for many. Now, when it comes to parents, because of their age, they may be more prone to getting sick and injured. Plus, they may suffer from pre-existing illnesses that can aggravate and form a life-threatening situation. 

Buying a health insurance plan for parents can be the wisest and safest decision if you do not want to lose all your money. If parents fail to pay their medical expenses, you will be responsible for bearing all the costs. Parents may have a standard health insurance plan in their home country or country of residence, but it may or may not support them extensively in the US. The providers may not recognize the plans, leading to confusion. Hence, buying a robust plan from a US insurance provider is the best idea. 

To get a policy for parents coming to the US, here are the steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Find US insurance companies 

Many insurance companies operating in the US offer numerous plans for senior visitors and parents. Not all plans can be beneficial, nor may all companies be genuine. You must research and make a list of the companies that appear trustworthy. Check their website and read the reviews present on the site. The client’s testimonials can also help you in this matter. Also, make sure they have been operating for some years or have started to function recently. has been helping clients and customers with insurance solutions since 2003. Check our plans and give us a call. 

Step 2: Make a list of your requirements 

When you are buying a policy for your parents, you must keep their medical and travel requirements in mind. For a lengthy stay, you need a comprehensive plan that can cover them throughout the vacation. Moreover, the plan must have pre-existing condition coverage so that you can be financially prepared when there is an acute onset. Take your parents’ age, length of stay, medical history, physical condition, and every other tiny thing into consideration because that will help you to pick the right plan. 

Step 3: Check and compare the plans 

Typically, you will find a list of various plans on the site. Stick to your requirements and filter out the plans that meet your conditions. You can choose between comprehensive and fixed benefit plans, depending on your budget and how much risk you are willing to take. The comprehensive visitor insurance policies for parents are expensive but offer the highest level of protection. On the contrary, the fixed benefits plans are economical but come with pre-defined sub-limits. You can compare the plans and understand the level of coverage each plan offers. 

Step 4: Get quotes and buy a suitable plan 

You will find the option to get quotes by putting the right values in the search boxes. Put your parents’ age, country of residence, the length of the vacation, etc. You will get a list of plans showing the premiums for the length of days you requested.  You can choose a suitable policy maximum and a deductible, which in turn will change the premium. The premium is based on four factors- the insurer’s age, trip duration, policy maximum, and deductible. 

You may already have two or three plans in your mind to buy from. If you are confused, you can call the company and speak with the executive. Buy a plan and get a confirmation in your email within minutes. Typically, you can buy one policy for both parents. If the traveling dates are different for both parents, then you must go for separate plans. Also, if the ages of your parents fall into different age categories, then you will have to complete two separate applications. Check the brochure before proceeding. 

Things to remember: 

  • Senior travelers pay more premiums in comparison to younger travelers coming to the US for the same plan because of the health risk associated with them. 
  • Limited plans can cover senior parents above 70  years of age. These plans can have extremely limited coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing conditions but can cover eligible medical expenses, hospital charges, and fees up to the policy maximum or as stated in the policy. 
  • The premium of the plan increases when you choose a higher policy maximum. But, when you choose a higher deductible, the premium decreases. Premium is calculated per day on the daily rate available for the age, policy maximum, and deductible. 
  • Visitor insurance plans for senior parents (70+ years) may not offer many policy maximum options. You can find many options for younger adults with policy maximum choices up to up to $2 million. 
  • Some plans offer additional benefits. If you wish to choose an add-on, you must pay an additional premium. 

It has become extremely crucial to buy health insurance plans for parents coming to the US. Sudden changes in weather, long flights, new sleep cycle, and lifestyle can affect their health, and they may fall sick within a week of arrival. Keeping up with the US medical costs is not easy because a doctor’s visit can cost you hundreds of dollars. Health insurance is the only way in which you can keep your parents financially protected. 

Moreover, it removes the burden of stress from your and your parents’ shoulders because they can visit places without worrying about falling sick. has incredible plans for parents visiting the US. Typically, our plans cover medical expenses for new illnesses and injuries, hospital stays, lab tests, surgeries, emergency dental, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and more. 

So, if you are thinking of buying a robust insurance policy for your parents, do not wait any longer. Call us or drop us an email, and we will help you with the right plan.