Health Insurance for Non-US citizens with Pre-Existing Conditions 

Health Insurance for Non-US citizens with Pre-Existing Conditions 

Healthcare is a fundamental concern for anyone living or visiting the US, including non-US citizens. However, for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, securing adequate health insurance can be a complex and challenging process. Let us explore what are the health insurance options for non-US citizens with pre-existing conditions. 

Can a non-US citizen get medical insurance? 

Yes, non-US citizens can indeed get medical insurance and depending on the plan they opt for may get medical insurance with pre-existing coverage during their brief stay in the US. The availability and options for medical insurance can vary depending on the individual’s visa status, residency status, and the duration of their stay. Here are some key considerations: 

  • Non-US citizens visiting the country, whether for tourism, business, or other purposes, can purchase visitor insurance. These short-term plans provide coverage for unexpected illnesses, injuries, accidents, and acute onset of pre-existing conditions during their stay. 
  • International students studying in the US are typically required to have health insurance. Most universities and colleges offer student health insurance plans tailored to their specific needs. If their universities have a waiver option, students can buy insurance plans from outside, meeting the institution’s insurance requirements. Many international student insurances can cover some pre-existing conditions after a waiting period.   
  • Non-US citizens living in the US as green card holders can buy domestic plans from or get access to government-sponsored plans only if they meet the eligibility. 

What is the best health insurance for visitors to the US with pre-existing conditions? 

The top plans for visitors coming to the US are: 

  1. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive– The policy covers 1 acute onset of a pre-existing condition up to the policy medical maximum. For individuals up to the age of 69, the coverage limit extends up to the policy maximum (except for cardiac or stroke is up to $25,000). For individuals 70 and older, the benefits are reduced to $35,000 (except cardiac or stroke is up to $15,000). 
  1. Patriot America Plus– It covers up to $50,000 when treatment is obtained within 24 hours for acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions under 70 years. It offers up to $25,000 maximum limit for medical evacuation. 
  1. Atlas America– The policy covers up to $50,000 when treatment is obtained within 24 hours for acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions for under 80 years. 
  1. Safe Travels Elite– The policy offers coverage up to $25,000 (sub-limits apply) when treatment is obtained within 24 hours for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. 
  1. Visitors Secure– It covers up to $50,000 (sub-limits apply) per plan life when treatment is obtained within 24 hours for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. 

Best health insurance for non-citizens over 65 

  1. Government-sponsored plans: Non-citizens who have a green card and have lived in the US for five consecutive years, and are over 65 may be eligible for Medicare. Medicare does not exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. However, you typically need to meet the same requirements as US citizens. Medicaid provides coverage for low-income individuals, including non-citizens. Eligibility varies by state, and it may cover pre-existing conditions as well. 
  1. Private health insurance plans: Some private insurers offer plans that cover pre-existing conditions for non-citizens over 65. However, these plans can be costly. 
  1. Visitor insurance plans: Short-term visitor insurance plans are suitable for non-citizens visiting the US, including seniors over 65. These plans often include coverage for new medical conditions but may exclude pre-existing ones. They may offer coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Atlas America, Visitors Care, etc. are some plans that can be purchased. 

Does American health insurance cover pre-existing conditions? 

Yes, American health insurance often covers pre-existing conditions, but the extent of coverage and eligibility can vary depending on several factors. 

  1. Employer-Sponsored Insurance: Many employers provide health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions for their employees. This is typically a comprehensive and cost-effective option for those who qualify. 
  1. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Plans: Under the ACA, insurance companies cannot deny coverage or charge higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions. ACA plans are available through state exchanges, and they offer a range of coverage options. 
  1. Medicare: Medicare, a federal health insurance program primarily for seniors, provides coverage for pre-existing conditions. It is available for US citizens and legal residents aged 65 and older. 
  1. Medicaid: Medicaid, a joint federal and state program, offers coverage for low-income individuals and families, including those with pre-existing conditions. Eligibility varies by state. 


Health insurance for non-US citizens with pre-existing conditions is a critical consideration for individuals seeking medical coverage in the United States. While options may vary based on factors like citizenship status, employment, and income, there are ways to obtain coverage. Navigating the complexities of healthcare coverage can be challenging, but understanding available options is the first step toward ensuring access to essential healthcare services, regardless of pre-existing conditions. 

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