Game, Set and Match with Travel Sports Insurance

Let’s say you are traveling to the United States to participate in a tennis tournament. It’s bound to be a great event, and U.S. sportsmen are among the best in the world. However, remember that if you get injured, you will need to be covered. Traditional short-term international travel medical insurance may not provide the required benefit. What you need is sports travel insurance.

You might want to check whether your current international travel insurance plan offers athletic coverage as optional coverage. This option is ideal for those whose travel to the United States has a significant component of competitive sporting activity. The coverage usually includes tennis, swimming, cross country, track, baseball, and golf, at the amateur, club, college and school levels. Hazardous sports coverage is usually only valid for adventurous sports, and may not cover sports such as tennis.

If you are planning to participate in other sports, check with your insurance company about coverage. Some policies include coverage for tournament cancellations, and if a major part of your trip is the sports event, purchasing that coverage will be very helpful. Trip cancellation insurance will also help defray the costs associated with late arrivals of planes and other unforeseen circumstances.

It is also a good idea to include coverage for hazardous sports. Most people participate in adventurous sports on a whim, and it will be very helpful to have that peace of mind and enjoy the sport more. It is a win-win situation, literally.