Free Travel Insurance for Children

When traveling with children, often the most common question asked is about buying a travel insurance policy for the children. Travel medical insurance for children is not very expensive, because of the low risk of illness that they pose. What’s more, some plans offer great coverage for children, including free coverage.

The travel insurance plans feature free coverage for children aged 17 and under when they travel with a covered adult. That means that for every adult, one child (17 years or under) will receive free coverage. The Silver plan is basically a trip insurance plan, covering trip cancellation, delay and interruption, as well as baggage loss and delay. The

The plan also offers medical coverage up to $15,000, with a $50 deductible. If the primary plan holder has purchased any optional coverage, however, that will not be applicable for the child. Some of the optional benefits that the plan offers are an increase in the medical coverage amount, flight insurance of up to $500,000 and car rental collision coverage.

Whether children have independent insurance, or insurance through a parent’s, it is important that they take special care when traveling. Children are prone to minor stomach and other viral infections, and only eating food from trusted sources can really help keep them safe and healthy.