Evacuation Insurance Comes in Handy In the Event of Public Emergencies

If you are injured at a large public gathering or on public transportation like a plane, subway, or train, will you be able quickly evacuate and get the medical care you need? And if you are able to, will you be able to do so at an affordable rate? If you have medical evacuation insurance, then the answers to these questions are yes.

Last week, passengers on a train in New York were aboard during a fire at a nearby railway bridge. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the biggest problem that occurred was a delay in service.

But imagine if the fire had occurred in the train as opposed to the bridge. Such an emergency would have required significant medicalevacuationsupport, and for passengers whose insurance did not cover such incidents, very expensive medical bills would have been handed out later.

With medical evacuation insurance, you will be protected financially from these types of incidents.Becausewhile, as this particular event shows, you cannot predict when a public emergency may occur, you can at least try to be prepared.