International Life Insurance

Term life coverage wherever in the world you are

International Term Life insurance addresses the challenges of working and relocating to countries around the world. Most US companies may reject you automatically if you intend to leave or currently live outside the US. International Term life insurance plans can cover you in many countries around the world. In case of the untimely death of the insured, the insurance can help provide cash or income, pay debts and taxes. MNU’s IC+ Term Life insurance is one such international life insurance plan.

Customized International life insurance Quotes

Term Life Insurance – Up to 10 Year Term
Basic Plan: Policy limit paid at time of death
Maximum coverage amount up to $2 Million
Travel Assistance services are available 24/7 providing medical referrals, emergency travel arrangements, embassy and consulate referrals and many more

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High Limit ADD Insurance features:

Applicant must provide US mailing address
Maximum coverage limit based on profession, travel region
Loss of life or limb must occur from an accidental injury or from a sudden cardiac arrest
Can cover high risk areas – Iraq, Afghanisthan etc
All pre-paid non-refundable trip costs must be covered.
Option to add coverage for war & acts of war or terrorism

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International ADD Insurance – Underwriting Requirements

All International life insurance applicants must complete an application available online. A financial questionnaire is required if the total amount of Life Insurance applied for (all companies) is greater than $350,000. The financial questionnaire will be provided once the application is received. The purpose of purchasing the insurance will determine the type of financial questionnaire required. A medical questionnaire must be completed by a licensed physician within 30 days of applying.
You must be outside the US while applying for the plan or intend to leave the US on prior to the effective date of coverage. Protect yourself and your family by purchasing international term life insurance for your stay abroad