Student Health Advantage

Student Health Advantage with Dependent Coverage

Student Health Savings Advantage is an international health plan designed to meet the needs of international students engaged in long term educational programs. The plan meets student visa requirements.

Plan Details

  • Policy Max
  • Deductible
  • Co-Insurance
  • Coverage Options
  • Plan Life
  • Underwriter
  • Claims Administrator
  • Student Health Savings Advantage insurance has a $300,000 per Illness/injury maximum for the student and a life time maximum of $500,000. Eligible dependents have a maximum coverage of $50,000.
  • Student Health Savings Advantage insurance offers a deductible of $100 per injury/sickness. Going to the student health center first can reduce your deductible to $50 per injury/sickness.
  • Outside the U.S. and Canada:
    For the Certificate Period, Underwriters will pay 100% of Eligible Expenses after the Deductible up to the Overall Maximum Limit.
  • In USA
    For the Certificate Period after the deductible is met, Underwriters will pay 100% of eligible expenses in network or at the student health center. Outside of network the plan pays 80% of eligible expenses till $5000 and 100% thereafter.
  • All options of coverage are included in the standard plan benefits and includes medical evacuation and repatriation and maternity coverage after 10 months of coverage.
  • Student Health Savings Advantage Insurance can be renewed up to a maximum of 5 years.
  • Student Health Savings Advantage Insurance is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation.
  • Student Health Savings Advantage insurance plan is administered by International Medical Group.

  • Eligibility

    The participant must be a full time student at a college or university. The participant must reside outside his/her home country to pursue international educational activities. Must not obtain residency status in the host country. Dependents must be legal dependents travelling outside the home country.

    Coverage becomes effective at the latest of:

    • The date the application is received with the premium payment.
    • The date the member departs from his country of citizenship,
    • The date requested on the application.

    Coverage will end on the earliest of:

    • The end of the period for which the premium is paid.
    • The date requested on the application form.
    • The date the member returns to the home country.
  • Plan Benefits

    Student Health Savings Advantage Insurance offers a broad range of benefits including:

    • Hospital Room and Board: Average semi private room
    • Intensive Care: Up to policy maximum of $300,000
    • Maternity: URC following 10 month waiting period
    • Emergency Room for illness: URC
    • Emergency Room for sickness: URC. Additional $250 applies if the visit does not lead to hospitalization.
    • Repatriation: Up to $25,000
    • Pre existing conditions: Covered after 12 months of continuous coverage.
    • Accidental Death $25,000 for the student
  • Remarks
    • PPO Network: Outside the US the plan does not follow a network. You can go to any hospital or doctor without incurring any penalty. IMG provides an online International Provider Access database to access providers all over the world. Within the US members can access a network of contracted providers First Health Network of over 500,000 preferred providers. Higher co payments are required while accessing care from outside the network in the US.
    • Renewal: Student Health Advantage can be renewed if the initial purchase is for 3 months. The plan can be renewed for up to 5 years.
    • Cancellation: Cancellation requests must be received in writing prior to start of coverage.