Joe Jinxed (say) is convinced that he is only successful in making plans for trips, not in making the trip! Thankfully, that has taught him that the first thing to buy after the tickets is trip cancellation insurance.

The first time that Joe had planned a trip was to Europe and he bought the RoundTrip trip cancellation insurance plan after making all the arrangements for the trip. Unfortunately, the trip had to be cancelled because of the terrorist attack in London. However, he got back the maximum amount shown on the Confirmation of Coverage as

The second time, he had planned a business trip which was organized by his company and this time, he insisted that they buy him the same trip cancellation insurance. As luck would have it, on the proposed date of departure, he was transferred to a different city and was expected to take over important and urgent duties there. He still recovered the non-refundable expenses of his trip.

He was third time lucky, and made it to Egypt. However, his return was delayed by a day because of a strike by airport employees in Cairo. He still got his incidental expenses for the extra day’s accommodation reimbursed. Remember to always purchase adequate coverage, especially for international travel, and to carefully read the policy document to understand what is covered.