Download Certificates

Download Certificates

You can view the Sample certificate for the policies by clicking on the names below.  These are sample certificates and the policy details can change per the policy you opt for (i.e. policy maximum, deductible etc.) 

IMG Policies

Download the following IMG insurance policy certificate (wordings)

Visitors Care InsurancePlan A,Plan B, Plan C
Patriot America Lite, Patriot International Lite
Patriot Platinum InsuranceAmerica , International
Patriot America Plus PATAP, Visitors Protect, Patriot Exchange Insurance, Student Health Advantage

WorldTrips Policies

Download the following WorldTrips insurance policy certificate(wording)

Visitor Secure
Atlas Travel Insurance- America, International
Atlas Premium Insurance- America, International
Student Secure Select Insurance – Select, Budget, Smart,

Trawick International Policies
Trawick International Policies

Request  the following Trawick International insurance policy certificate (wordings)   

Travel Insure Services
Travel Insure Services

Request the following TIS insurance policy certificate (wordings)