Visitor Health Insurance in USA: Hospital, Doctor Coverage

For Travelers, Students & Visiting Parents. All Agents & Claims in USA

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  • For Hospital, Doctor, Prescription Drugs
  • Sickness: Life threatening or simple flu
  • Accident: Injury at home, road or air
  • Coverage in all states for foreigners


  • All agents & claims in USA
  • PPO Disounts on many plans
  • Direct (cash-less) claim settlement
  • No paper work required


BBB Accreditation
VA Chamber of Commerce
  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Money back if cancelled
    prior to start of plan
  • No agent fees

About Visitors Health Insurance

Visitors medical insurance can cover un-expected expensive medical expenses while visiting USA, Canada and Europe. Medical expenses while travelling overseas can be very high especially when it involves hospitalization.

Typically visitor insurance plans offer benefits to cover inpatient hospital, outpatient doctor office visit, surgery, and prescription drug expenses. Visit US Department of Health for more information about healthcare in USA. We enable you to get free visitor health insurance quotes and better understand coverage features and insurance terms.

This website provides a visitor insurance compare facility that enables you to compare plan benefits, exclusions and premiums so that you can make an informed purchase.

Please review the frequently asked visitors insurance questions (FAQ) section to learn more about non U.S. citizen insurance and visitors insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Recently, Global Benefits Magazine presented NRIOL an award for Excellence in International Healthcare. The award recognized NRIOL for bringing innovation to the global & international healthcare industry.

Green Travel Insurance

We recommend Patriot Green to our clients for its eco-friendly benefits and its donation of a portion of the premium to environmental organizations. We support its green initiative to secure Carbon Credits and urge our international clients (individuals and groups) to help offset their carbon footprint by insuring their health through Patriot Green insurance.

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Testimonial Reviews

Visitors Health Insurance in USA for Tourists

I wish to thank you for your prompt, professional and personalized service when I consulted you for my health insurance needs. Your website is very user friendly and offers such a wide range of options. Your response time to any further questions that I had by phone was excellent, quick, & efficient - a return callback within minutes! My policy and ID card arrived overnight as you promised and is easy to read & to understand.

With so much mediocrity in customer service these days, it was indeed refreshing to experience your superior assistance; I will definitely recommend you to others that are also seeking Visitors Health insurance.

Thanks again!
Andrew C Martin, Brighton, England (visiting USA)

Non US Citizen Health Insurance -
Good Service

Thank you so much for all your assistance and services you continue to offer to me. I and my family are new to the country and unfortunately had to seek medical help while covered under one of the plans that your company offers. There were several billing & payment mix-ups between the hospital, lab testing and insurance claims department. We even received calls and letters for unsettled amounts from collection agencies. After I brought the matter to your attention you handled the issue in a very timely professional manner.

Thanks to you, all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company; and I don't have to worry anymore about collectors' warning phone calls and letters.

Thanks again!
Getu Beyene Duguma, Johnston, IA, USA

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