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Coverage for preventive care, diagnostic, basic & other major services

Dental Insurance Coverage

Eligibility to International Students, Visitors, Residents
Choice of $750, $1250 calendar year max
Three Plan Designs: Basic, Classic, Premier
Benefits: Cleaning of X-rays, Root Canal etc
Secure Dental One underwritten by Standard Security

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Medical + Limited Dental

Eligibility: F1, F2, J1, J2 Visa holder
Medical $50,000 to 500,000
Dental: $500 for accidents; $350 for sudden death
Meets F & J visa requirements
Include Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Can provide waiver form for University/School

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If you are a foreign student (F1, F2 Visa) or visiting scholar (J1, J2 Visa) then you can either get a strictly Dental Insurance plan or you can get a medical+dental package plan.

The medical+dental package plan does not offer comprehensive dental benefits but it meets F1/J1 visa insurance requirements of most schools. The Dental Plan above is designed well and you can choose from three benefit levels – Basic, Classic, Premier.

Dental Benefit Levels – Basic, Classic, Premier

Secure Dental BasicOne offers affordable dental coverage. It covers preventative dental care with no waiting period. Two routine oral exams are covered in a calendar year. Other prophylactic services include cleaning and scaling of teeth.

Secure Dental ClassicOne is ideal for those seeking a little more than basic coverage. Other than preventative care, diagnostics are also covered immediately. Diagnostic care includes bitewing and full mouth X-rays, as well as intra-oral occlusal film. Basic and major services are covered after a 6 and 12 month waiting period.

Secure Dental PremierOne provides complete coverage for preventive and diagnostic care with no waiting period. Coverage for basic and major services increases every year. Basic care includes extractions, restorations and maintenance prosthodontics, while major care covers endodontic treatment, periodontic services, inlays and crowns, as well as oral surgery.