Young Adults’ Victims of unaffordable insurance

With their job markets at a low and a hazy picture of the future in their front, the insecure young adults are facing a real tough time to find an affordable health insurance plan.

As the US is in the midst of undergoing a huge transformation in the health care system, these young individuals struggle to capture a long term career. This actually puts buying a health insurance plan at the backseat. However, just like their older generation, they feel the health care in the United States definitely need a transformation for the benefit of the customers.

Some of the policies mentioned in the new health care proposal work for the benefits of the new generation. For example, they may still stay a part of the policies of the parents until they are 26 years of age.

Currently, many of these youngsters have ended up working for very low-level jobs for their career and the employers do not insure them. Neither have they bought an individual insurance plan. They cannot further depend on their parent’s policies also.

The younger generation fully understand the importance of health insurance coverage. Hence, they are also interested in buying a suitable health insurance plan provided they are more affordable especially in the current job scenario.