Why Should I Purchase OPT Insurance?

OPT health insurance may seem like an extravagance in today’s scenario, but consider it an investment well made. There is no law as yet that requires you to have health insurance while on the optional practical training period. Plus, it might seem like you are hale and healthy, and don’t really need insurance.

Remember, though, that the basic principle of insurance is to protect against unfavourable situations. And falling ill when a student certainly falls into that category. If you think that OPT insurance is an expense you can ill-afford as a student, consider the following factors.

Not having OPT insurance and having an accident will simply wipe out your savings (probably that of your parents as well), and damage your credit history. And all that for the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Having adequate OPT insurance will help you live a freer life. You are able to travel to interviews with the confidence that you are covered in case something should happen. You can dine in peace, not worrying about where you’re eating. You can also live a fuller life, indulging in activities that make you happy. As it is, the OPT period is one of great stress and tension for an international student.