Why International Student Health Insurance

International student insurance plans are designed for those students who leave their home country and travel abroad to pursue their higher studies. It is better to opt for worldwide coverage in these plans to avail best benefits.

The coverage options of the international student insurance plan range from medical expenses, prescription medication costs, mental health coverage, sport coverage, maternity expenses and also protection during any terrorist attacks. These plans generally meet the requirements of the schools in the US and are approved in almost all countries in Europe and USA.

Your insurance provider can confirm to you whether the school where you have gained admission would accept the international student insurance plan chosen by you. Most of them send you a completed waiver form which you can produce at the Students Health Center.

International student insurance plans protect not only the individual who is traveling abroad for studies but also the dependents like the spouse and children. The policy documents of the plan mention clearly the conditions of both benefits and exclusions.

It is also important to note the pre-existing conditions clause of international student insurance plan that you opt for. Most of these plans require a 12 month waiting period for coverage of certain benefits but note that some schools strictly insist on just a 6 month waiting period. In that case, you need to take assistance from your insurance provider and opt for a plan which meets the requirements of the school.

Read the pre-existing conditions clause of your plan carefully. Most of the plans state that a waiting period of 12 months is required to cover the benefits. But some of the schools insist on a 6 months waiting period. In that case, you need to find a plan which meets the requirements of the school.

Every individual who wants to avail international student health insurance plan should meet certain eligibility criteria. For instance, you need to either be a full time student or a full-time scholar performing research for a minimum of 30 hours every week in an educational institution. The international student insurance plan also requires a valid educational visa as proof.

In addition to the individual, dependents also need to meet some eligibility criteria. In case of spouse, a legal marriage proof is required. Children should be less than 19 years and unmarried. They should be dependent on the individual for support.

Ensure the financial stability of the insurance provider by researching on AM best rating. The insurance plans should be underwritten by an established organization. The company should provide round-the-clock assistance across all countries during emergencies.