Which Expat Insurance Is Best For Me?

Many people today live and work abroad. Whether you stay one month covering the opening of a new office or 10 years raising a family in a different country, the need for expatriate insurance is higher than ever.

Many people will not qualify for local health insurance in their new country. For others, the standard of public healthcare is not high enough to meet their requirements. Expat health insurance fills the gap. Which coverage is right for you?

Two types of expatriate health insurance exist to cover you wherever in the world you live. The first is short term insurance, covering five days to three years. Short term insurance protects you in the event of illness or injury at your temporary home. Short term plans usually expire when you return to your country of residence and don’t include maternity benefits. Long term insurance is for a minimum of one year and also covers you in your home country when you return for a visit.

Short term can be the best plan for a specified period of time abroad when you’re not traveling back and forth. Long term insurance requires a health questionnaire but you can rest easy if you’re making frequent visits back to the family or business at home, no matter how long you’re living abroad.