When These Are Insured, Shouldn’t Your Trip Be Too?

The concept of insurance was initially applied to goods traversing long distances, so ships and their goods were the first to be insured. However, the concept soon caught on to include anything that was deemed valuable. Your health obviously is an example, which is why it makes sense to take out visitor medical insurance.

If you look at any event that can cause a loss, there’s probably an insurance policy to cover it. Consider these weird policies if these can merit insurance, you must sign up for visitor health insurance!
A London-based insurance brokerage firm has several people looking to insure the unlikely (to say the least) event of abduction by aliens! Some are pure extravagance, such as cricketer Merv Hughes’ $370,000 insurance on his mustache. Others are made purely from a professional standpoint to wit, food critic Egon Ronay’s insurance on his taste buds and Bruce Springsteen’s insurance on his voice.

Now, perhaps we can get a little more perspective on the whole international travel insurance thing! It certainly presents a higher probability than the policies listed above. Remember to always check different policies and read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.