When Short Term Insurance Comes a Long Way

Health insurance is such a hot-button issue in the U.S., and it is rarely that one remains uninsured voluntarily. While long-term insurance is the best way to ensure that the plan holder and his/her family remains covered, short term health insurance comes in handy in several cases.

For instance, short term medical insurance is the best option for someone who is waiting for long-term insurance benefits to kick in. It is also great for recent college graduates who are yet to receive health insurance from their employer. When the period of coverage is not expected to be more than a year, short term health insurance does great. The way it works is similar to, say, travel medical insurance. It provides for medical expenses due to unforeseen conditions, and does not cover regular doctor visits and pre-existing medical conditions. Because the risk is quite low, short-term health insurance can be very affordable.

However, temporary health insurance typically does not cover optical and dental care, nor does it cover annual physicals or preventive care. Also, if you need coverage for more than a year, and especially if you have young children at home, it is important that you look for long-term health insurance as soon as possible.