Wellness Benefit – International Health Insurance coverage

International health insurance with wellness benefit covers various routine check-ups, screening or diagnosis tests, blood tests, smear examinations, cardiovascular observations, neurology check-ups and other important tests that can help detect various types of illnesses and chronic medical conditions.

These tests enable the physicians to detect health issues during its early stages and ???prevent??? them from becoming life threatening. The wellness benefit feature is becoming more and more popular among people in the recent years as it reduces health care costs in the long run.

Wellness benefit also encourages people to monitor their health on a regular basis by covering the expenses that the insured undergoes for the check-ups. Children can be covered for regular vaccinations too under this benefit.

Many of the international insurance plans with wellness benefit do not have a waiting period. However, it is advisable to check your insurance plan documents on the same. There is quite a variety of packages designed for corporates groups, individual and families.