Visitor medical insurance plans provide healthcare benefits outside your home country. Experience clearly indicates that you must make sure you have adequate health insurance no matter where you travel. Health insurance protects you and your family by paying for healthcare costs.

Your health is your most important asset. The medical facilities and hospitals in the US are among the best in the world. They are also the most expensive. This coupled with the lack of socialized medical care means that you must be prepared to pay for your treatments out of your own pocket. This makes having Visitor Medical insurance all the more compelling.

The Visitor medical plans designed for travelers can cover expenses arising out of a sudden sickness or injury. These expenses can include doctor office visits, surgery, blood tests, X rays, prescriptions. Some plans also include medical evacuation. Visitor medical plans however, do not typically cover chronic illnesses and pre existing conditions.

Here are a few factors to consider while you are choosing a health insurance plan:

1. Type of Benefits: Not all plans provide benefits for maternity, preventive care (child immunization, regular health physicals etc.), and dental expenses. It is important for you to prioritize your desired benefits and features.

2. Duration of Coverage: If you are sure of your travel dates you may not require a plan that is renewable. On the other hand if you are unsure of your dates, it may be better if you purchase a plan that can be renewed beyond its initial term.

3. Affordability/Coverage Amount: The cost of your plan depends on the maximum coverage amount and deductible you select. Higher the plan limit, higher is the cost of the plan. Higher the deductible, lower is the cost of the plan. You must select the combination of coverage amount and deductible based on how much you want to spend on the Visitor medical Insurance.

4. Immigration Status: Make sure you select a health plans meant for visitors. Some plans are designed for international students on F1 visas and some for Exchange visitors on J1 visas. Visitors are not eligible for all plans.

Consulting a local health insurance agent for help with visitor insurance plans is a good idea. Not all insurance agents are familiar with plans that are designed for foreigners so please be diligent and learn about the agent’s abilities prior to making decisions.

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