Medical evacuation insurance may be included as a regular coverage benefit or it becomes an optional coverage in the case of some health insurance plans. Though it may look too dramatic to buy, the expense that an individual needs to bear in case it is required is too high. It could work out to $100,000 excluding the hospitalization and treatment expenses!

This benefit typically comes in two forms:

Emergency evacuation: This is the assistance that you may require from the insurance company which involves transporting you to a medical set-up in case you are stuck in an emergency like an automobile collision or an accident while practising some adventure sport. This evacuation operation does not involve transportation by an ambulance and typically is done by airlift of the insured.

Transportation to the medical set-up: During your business or leisure trips, your health insurance plan may not bear the expenses for transporting you to the hospital of your choice in case you require medical assistance or hospitalization. Medical evacuation policies would cover these kinds of expenses. Without such a benefit, you may have to be hospitalized in any nearby hospital of a local area which may not be the best choices or you may have to pay for your evacuation from the accident site to a medical set-up of your choice.