Amigo Short Term Medical Plan has been renamed as HCC Life Short Term Medical Insurance. Individuals & families can avail high quality benefits through HCC Short Term Health Insurance for a short durations up to 6 months or 1 year.

HCC Life Short Term Medical insurance offers a variety of choices with regards to co-insurance, deductible and period of coverage. This is suitable for people who are shifting between jobs, waiting for insurance benefits from employers, seasonal employees, individuals under COBRA and also new graduates.

People who are between 2 and 64 years of age are eligible for this insurance plan. Dependant children should under 19 years. Otherwise, the plan would cover children until they are 25 years of age in case they are still engaged in full-time education program. You need to consult your insurance provider for further details as the requirements and eligibility may vary between different states.

HCC Short Term Health Insurance covers a variety of services including doctor consultation, prescription drugs, hospitalization, ambulance services, intensive care, x-ray, diagnosis tests and outpatient surgeries.

Individuals who cancel the policy within 10 days of purchasing the insurance policy are entitled full refund. Partial refunds provision after this period is not available for this short term insurance plan.