Visitor Insurance Cushions the Effect of Nasty Falls

Sometimes life springs nasty surprises, and visitors health insurance might help cushion the ill effects of the surprises. For some, it may already be too late. Even then, visitor health insurance can save the day.

Let us consider an imaginary case of Mr. Nadeem, a retired professional. His long-cherished dream was to visit the United States on a holiday. He and his wife went to the United States, covered under a local vanilla insurance policy in their country of origin. Neither he nor his wife, Aisha, had any pre-existing medical conditions.

But fate had other plans in store. After a roller-coaster ride to places across the United States, Mr. Nadeem suffered a fatal heart attack at the hotel where he and his wife stayed. He had always wished that his mortal remains be buried in his hometown. Aisha Nadeem was shell-shocked. She could not deal with the clearance papers or cost and procedures to repatriate the mortal remains of her beloved husband.

Even though one never imagines such a situation while traveling abroad, it is important to carefully consider all clauses in the visitors? health insurance policy before purchase. Some of the common inclusions are emergency medical need or evacuation, repatriation of remains, hospitalization, outpatient care, clinical expenses and cost of prescription drugs.