Visitor Insurance Benefits Uncovered

‘Oh, that’s no problem, I have visitors medical insurance‘ is something that many travelers say when confronted with any medical issue. However, it is important to know what visitors insurance covers, and what it doesn’t. Not everything is covered, obviously. Remember that it is but insurance to cover your expenses in case something unexpected happens, medically.

Visitors medical insurance covers any medical expenses arising out of unexpected medical conditions, including accidents. To provide cover for the most financially straining of these unexpected events, most plans also provide benefits for repatriation of remains and accidental death and dismemberment.

Hospitalization and consultation are usually covered up to the plan maximum. In case the plan is a fixed benefits plan, the coverage is according to the maximum specified under each medical service?Çö$3,500 for hospital room and board, for instance.

Anything that can be construed as an expected and therefore planned medical treatment is not covered. Obviously, this includes any previously existing conditions, scheduled medical visits, dental care (unless an emergency), and pregnancy-related complications. eHowever, some plans might offer limited coverage for these. Knowing what visitor insurance USA covers and more importantly, doesn’t cover, can help save a lot of stress and heartburn!